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"Everything appears natural, so well concealed is the design"

Exhibition on the garden history at the Schönbusch Park visitor centre

Picture: Schönbusch Park visitor centre

The title of the exhibition "Everything appears natural, so well concealed is the design" is a quote from a book by the famous garden expert C.C.L. Hirschfeld, who visited Schönbusch in 1783.

The exhibition is divided into seven main sections. In addition to the central theme, the development of Schönbusch, the exhibition also documents the history of the park in the 19th and 20th centuries and current conservation measures:

  1. A new idea for the game park

  2. The beginnings of the landscape garden

  3. The first attractions

  4. The emergence of the classical landscape garden

  5. "Everything appears natural, so well concealed is the design"

  6. Use and fate of the park

  7. Tasks involved in the conservation of a historic garden

Various models are on display in the exhibition, such as a large model of the park, which shows the northeastern section of Schönbusch as it was in the early 19th century. Besides, the exhibition shows the model of a garden swing, a park ship and the not more existing garden roundabout of Schönbusch; the latter as a functioning model. The copy of the figure used for the ball game "Maulaff", which is in the Aschaffenburg municipal museum, was made in the sculpture workshop of the Bavarian Palace Administration.

There is a separate area for children to play.


Picture: Playground

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