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Aschaffenburg is located on the A 3 between Würzburg and Frankfurt. Johannisburg Palace and the Pompeiianum can be found in the city centre, Schönbusch Palace and Park about 4 km away in the west of Aschaffenburg.



Parking spaces are available at Schloßplatz and Suicardusstraße, as well as at the entrance to Park Schönbusch (Kleine Schönbuschallee 1). Detailed information on parking in Aschaffenburg can be found at


How to get there by public transport

Information on the railway you can find on

From Aschaffenburg main station:

Johannisburg Palace (Schloßplatz 4) and Pompeiianum (Pompejanumstraße 5):
Bus to "Stadthalle" bus stop

Schönbusch Palace and Park (Kleine Schönbuschallee 1): Bus to "Park Schönbusch" bus stop

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